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Bidirectional Graph Transformations and its Applications to Model Transformations

This call for internship is a part of the 2nd call of 2015 NII International Internship as NII's International Exchange based on MOU.
Program Guidelines for Applicants
Due to circumstances of the supervisor, the starting date should be no later than the middle ten days of January 2015. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
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Transformations can be seen in various situations in information processing. For example, a query can be considered as a transformation from source (database) to target (result/view). It is desirable for the updates to be propagable not only from source to target, but also in the opposite direction. However, the latter — propagating updates to the source — is not so obvious. Bidirectional transformation achieves this propagation, and we have recently proposed and implemented a compositional approach to bidirectional transformation on graphs. One of our applications of the bidirectional graph transformation is to support consistent model transformation in model driven software development.
Soichiro Hidaka is leading a research subproject on bidirectionalization of graph transformation as a part of The BiG project on "Linguistic Approach to Bidirectional Model Transformation", whose focus is on the above applications. The project is establishing graph transformation framework for model transformation by representing models as graphs (see the references below).

This internship will be conducted in coordination with the BiG project to focus on challenging issues related to bidirectional graph transformation such as enhancement of the expressive power, facilitating usability, and improvement of the performance, using our implementation GRoundTram, the project's infrastructure based on bidirectional graph transformation.
Since the project is based on building tools, programming experience is essential. Experience in functional programming is a plus.

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Please refer to the supervisor's web-site for his research activities and publications.

Also refer to our project page for more information about the BiG project including members, publications and demonstrations.
See also our laboratory page.

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